Is online study right for me?

Students thinking about studying online

Is online study right for me?

FAQ for online education

Everyone loves the idea of studying but it most cases does not have the time to go on campus due to our busy lifestyle. Online study gives you that option to get a world-class education without having to leave your own house. Having this flexibility ensures that education is available to students that in that past would have just missed out on the qualification.

Is online education Free?

As you would have seen on our home page there are free courses available but these are generally l on the entry level and don’t give you a formal qualification. If you a looking at graduating with a diploma, degree or certificate, then in most cases you are going to pay something out of your own pocket.

Are student loans available for online courses.

Students loans are available for the provider as long the education provider is approved by the Australian government and the courses meets the funding requirements. Another restriction in Australia is that to receive funding from the government you must study at a level higher than your highest qualification. For example, if you have a certificate IV in Project management then you would have to study a Diploma of Project management.

How does Student loans work in Australia?

The Australian government provides Student loans for both online and on-campus learning as long as you have to meet certain requirements and you have enrolled with an Approved education provider.  There is no initial costs when you commence your study but you are required to pay it back with a portion of your salary once you earn of the threshold with is approximately 54 thousand dollars per year.