What should I study online

Chooing a course to study online

What type of courses are best done online

Choosing the right online course

A question that is often asked when students are considering undertaking any study, is whether they will get the same experience if they study online as they would if it was an on-campus learning. Unfortunately, there is no hard-fast rule when it comes to this, it really depends on the course you are planning to enrol in.

If you are studying a certificate IV in Fitness with the aim becoming a Personal Trainer, then doing a distance learning, where the course is 100% online is not going to be the best idea. Personal trainers are required to learn exercise movement patterns and how to interact with the clients. That is something that is very difficult to learn online. If you really wanted to study Personal training online, I would suggest looking for something that offers distance learning for some of the subjects e.g. Studying or learning about the human anatomy and studying the rest of the course on campus with subjects like how to train a client.

What courses are suggesting undertaking online

If you are thinking of enrolling in either a Diploma of Business or a Diploma of Leadership and management online, then you are on the right track. A lot of the learning is based on theory and doesn’t require much interaction where on campus or face to face learning will make a significant difference.

Other courses where I would suggest completing online is accounting or bookkeeping based courses e.g. Certificate IV in Bookkeeping or Diploma of accounting. These courses are all about working with numbers and are easily learned online.

Final thoughts on studying online

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make the decision if studying your chosen course online is a good idea. I live in Melbourne Australia which means I have all types of different study options and I like the idea of studying online courses with the option of attending classes. One university that does offer this unique options is Deakin University. They have an online campus which they call cloud campus and they have multiple campuses across Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.