Overwatering Your Lawn With An Irrigation System

An irrigation system not only does you the watering when you get home from work or when you go away for a long period of time, but also when you are sleeping. No more worrying over having to do it on a timely basis, now you just do it while you sleep. The indoor sprinkler irrigation system does this for you while you sleep without you having to worry about turning off the water as you go to bed. This is the perfect way to make sure that your home is well-heated and dry in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. You can find the perfect irrigation system for your home whether you have a new one built or just decide to change the ones you have is a matter of looking at some products and deciding which ones you like the best.


There are four types of irrigation systems on the market today. They are the belt drive system, the screw drive system, the submersible pump driven system and the center pivot systems. Each one of these has its pros and cons, but once you look at all of the different options you will find the right one that will work best for your home. The belt drive is the oldest type of irrigation system available on the market. This is because of the fact that it was the first system to be made with the newer belt technology.


With the belt drive irrigation system, the main part of the unit moves back and forth in order to change water sources. Therefore, there is only one part of the unit that you will have to service and it is very easy to service. Also, there are no labor requirements since the moving part takes care of that. You will, however, have to have someone come out to change the water source at least once per year, depending upon how often you use the sprinkler.


The screw drive requires more work on the part of the homeowner, especially if you have a lawn. You need to have a liner that is placed under the ground in order to prevent water conservation. If you do not have a liner, the grass in your lawn will overheat and die. It can also create more dead grass in your landscape than it would if you were to use an irrigation system that included a liner.


Another advantage of using an overwatering system like the drip irrigation system is that you don’t have to worry about leveling the lawn after you have watered it. In case you do not have a sprinkler irrigation system on your property, you can set the area where you are going to water down so that the grass will not take the entire day to wilt. It will simply wither to the surface in just a few hours time. You will also find that this type of irrigation system is not very efficient if you have a lawn with a lot of rocks or steep slopes.


Pivot point irrigation systems use the Figure 8 concept to conserve water. This method will require you to make certain that the planting space is at a level that is equal to the depth of the covering that you want to protect. Figure 8 concept is easy to understand as it uses eight evenly spaced holes along the outline of the lawn. You should then place the selected plants in each hole at the same time to ensure proper coverage. Some of the better paddler systems will have this concept programmed into them, but most of them will allow you to control the spacing so that the plants do not wilt if you do not water them equally.

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